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Special Offers...

Current offers on tools and equipment from your local dealer.

Benefits & Reasons to Purchase

The benefits of hydraulic tools are numerous. Hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, run and maintain, leading to obvious cost reductions for the operator. The rugged design of the machinery also offers trouble-free performance and powerful, but economic performance.

The hydraulic solutions from HYCON offer their customers a number of significant  advantages.

For instance, the 68 kg HYCON HPP09 Powerpack, with its strong steel frame, can be loaded into a van and transported straight to the work site. HYCON power packs have fewer wearing parts and are easy to service, because the cooling system ensures minimum fuel costs and maximum cooling efficiency. Download the product brochure.

The Equipment We Offer...

  • Hammer and power pack
  • Post Hole Borer
  • Cut off saw
  • Cut off saw on steel
  • Core Drill in action
  • Core drill on concrete pipe
  • Railways breaking concrete on tramline
  • Post driver with power pack
  • Ring saw cutting concrete
  • Post driver powered from hydraulic PTO on tractor

With a wide range of power packs to choose from, a great range of very effective tools, easily transported, with low capital costs, very low running and maintenance costs, you will be pleased you purchased. If your a hire outlet, utility company or a contractor, these tools will save you a lot of money. They are also used by a number of Armed Forces worldwide, simply because of light weight, ease of transport and very low maintenance, they are also very, very effective.

Robust, reliable, cost effective, low maintenance hydraulic tools and power packs:

Cut Off Saws

With cutting depth of 137mm - 212mm, depending on model and oil flow rate, these are VERY effective tools.

Core Drills

Core drills enable drilling 25mm - 350mm depending on drill model and oil flow rate .Hand held or drill rig mounted.

Water Pumps

Submersible pumps with a flow capacity of 46 - 204 cubic metre per hour, depending on model/oil flow rate.

Tool Kit

There is a tremendous range of hydraulic tools, powered by petrol, diesel or three phase electric power packs.

Ring Saw

Very effective and powerful ring saw, with a cutting depth of 300mm in brick, block, or re-inforced concrete. More info.

10kg Breaker

Light demolition hammer for use as a scabbler, or demolition of brick and block.

Post Driver & Borer

Post drivers for remote or hand use, powerful and effective. Also post borers, for when you need to drop and concrete in your posts.

20, 23 & 27kg Breakers

With a wide range of breakers, 10, 15, 20, 23 and 27 kg ,plus varied moil size options, powerful and effective low maintenance tools.

Darda Splitters

Used in the silent demolition of rock & concrete and in the production of dimensional stone.

Darda Power Packs

Darda offer petrol, diesel, air, single phase and three phase electric power packs.

Darda HCS6 & Jaw Sets

One of the best demolition tools in the market, used in conjuction with Darda splitters, awesome.

Dingo & Attachments

Undoubtably the best mini digger on the planet, with a wide range of attachments. Can be used as a power pack.